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My #Wonderful World Of Adventure

Let’s start this story with a preview of who I am. I’m your energetic friend, the one who jumps off the cliff and dives right into the sea; the one who gets excited with skydiving, bungee jumping, extreme carnival rides; the one who became a varsity player, and the one who makes the craziest jokes.


On September 06, 2015, your gleeful friend faced one of her biggest fears – an accident. I felt nauseous as I felt my blood run down from head, jaw, and elbow. I tried my hardest to be strong as they carried my fragile body to the ambulance and the hospital, but the truth is… I’ve never felt more scared.


Yes, things have changed since then. My elbow is broken. My personality is scarred. My faith was shaken. I look back, and I remember how it felt – I thought I would never see my loved ones again. I thought I’d never get the chance to reach my dreams. I thought I’d never have the chance to live life.


But today, I am more COURAGEOUS than ever. My experience is my personal reminder to live to the fullest – to always be kind, giving, and helpful; to face life’s challenges with a smile. I have fears, but my strength will always surpass.

When you get to experience the worst, it will only make you stronger. If you’re reading this and you feel like it’s the end of the world, please hear me out: You are strong in spite of your weaknesses and fears. You are important. You are valued. You are loved.

As I write this blog, I vow to myself that the cliff in the first photo of this post will NOT last cliff that I will dive off from. It will not be my last adventure. It will not be my last moment of fun & wonder.

world_of_wonder (2)

Life has a clever way of teaching us lessons. It’s a WONDERFUL WORLD OF ADVENTURE, so take a deep breath, smile, and get ready to dive!

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