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Cebu’s Best Tempura and Fishball

As Filipinos, we all love to eat. In fact, in almost every corner, we see a fast food chain or a restaurant. We also cannot oversee the presence of the small entrepreneurs who sell fish ball, tempura, kwek-kwek, and the like on our sidewalks. While all these are our favorites, we can admit that they are of inferior quality and may sometimes be a little “dirty” due to dust.

I am one of those who always crave for tempura and fish ball. In fact, there are times when I go out even on a bad weather just to give in to my cravings. But that was before I tasted the products of Central Seafoods, Inc. I promise (and I do not say these words unless I mean it), that they produce the yummiest kind of “munch” foods out there. I buy them all the time, not only because I am assured that they are of superior quality, but because they are perfect for any occasion: birthdays, gatherings, meetings, etc.

Take a look at their products yourself!




Squid Roll


Scallop Nuggets


Shrimp Patty


Scallop Patty


Scallop Balls

scallop coin

Scallop Coin


Squid Ball



I met someone who works at CSI and I found out that they use the best kind of fish for their products. They continuously do quality checks and testing to make sure each product has the perfect taste and texture. Their product is SUPER meaty, unlike others who use flour and seasoning a lot. To prove this, they not only cater to Filipinos but also export their products abroad. No wonder their product is the top choice of consumers!

Now here’s the good news to all my Cebuano readers, you can order through me to get the whole-sale price. The mall price is way higher than mine, promise! 🙂 Email me at to order. Thank you!

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4 Responses to Cebu’s Best Tempura and Fishball

  1. ren says:

    Mao me baligya before
    .lame lage ne..for sure nakaon na ne nemu hahah

  2. admin says:

    yeah! yummy jud 🙂

  3. Mei says:

    I love fishballs and tempura! Now I remember my cousins because eating these is one of our favorite things to do. Haha How I wish I’m in Cebu right now so I could order from you. Yes, mall prices are really expensive so we often buy from the market hehe

  4. Lykerz says:

    They look so good! Wish I’ll go back to Cebu soon.

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