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3 Days Isn’t Enough For Boracay Island

Boracay is probably the most popular island in the Philippines. When you see a foreigner asking for ideas on where to go next, most locals would ask if they’ve been to Boracay. After visiting the island last year, I finally understood what the fuss was all about. The clear turquoise water and the long stretch of white sand left me in awe.

Aside from the regular swimming activities, the island is also beaming with parties, water rides, among others. The three days I had allocated for the trip wasn’t enough to try everything the island offers. It was just that fun.

I hope go to back there soon and see the island in a whole new perspective. Early new year’s break, maybe? We’ll see! For now, please enjoy the photos below.


IMG_8547 (1)

IMG_8548 (1)

IMG_8550 (1)

IMG_8551 (1)

IMG_8553 (1)

IMG_8554 (1)

IMG_8552 (1)

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  1. When you go on a vacation, 3 days is definitely not enough. Kung pwede, 1 month gani permi ang vacay noh? 🙂

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