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10 Situations Capdase Speaker Can Be A Music-Lover’s Perfect Partner

Play the moments.
Pause the memories.
Stop the pain.
Rewind the happiness.

Music can change lives. When words fail, music speaks. It can heal a broken heart and can give joy to someone who is feeling blue. It can make or break a party and can bring friends together.

Personally, music has a lot of influence in my life. This is why today, I’d to share with you a product that I’m so eager to have – Capdase Speakers. Capdase, known primarily to be makers of protective cases for your devices, recently came out with the Beat SOHO Portable Bluetooth Speaker.


  • Compact design
  • Auto-pairing on Bluetooth with your device within 10 metres
  • One 40mm full-range speaker driver design delivers incredible sound quality way beyond its size
  • Built-in Mini-USB AUX input with 3.5mm/Mini-USB Y-Cable, compatible with most audio devices
  • Mode-switch button for On/Off function, Bluetooth connection and AUX Line-in-selection
  • Bluetooth control button for Answer/Play & Pause/Paring/Volume Adjust and Track Control while connected via Bluetooth
  • Long-lasting Lithium-ion battery
  • Full charge provides 6-8 hours of playback
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free function while connected via Bluetooth with your Smartphone
  • LED indicator


How amazing are these? I can’t wait to have one of them (I hope!) Here are 10 Situations a Capdase Bluetooth Speaker can be a music-lover’s perfect partner:

1. A music session while watching God’s artistic side – Sunsets

2. A joyride to nowhere with blasting music

3. A quick relaxation outside the work building after a gruesome 12-hour shift

4. A morning sesh on the mellow love songs

5. A picnic at the beach with pop songs playing in the background

6. A quick movie marathon above 30,000 feet

7. A lovely music break from work

8. A dose of inspiration from our favorite brands while pursuing our passion

9. A kick of energy by playing fast-beat sounds when cooking

10. A fun day with music, snacks, and good company

How about you? What is the perfect situation for a capdase speaker for you? Hope you like this post!

Disclaimer: All photos are from This post is an entry to Cebu Blogging Community’s Capdase contest.

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